Bubbling Up! Pentecost! What a mysterious and important moment for the life of the church! This Sunday, we join with the early followers of Jesus as they discover what it means to be “filled with the Spirit.” We see them overcoming (and possibly even celebrating) diversity, where they begin to live in a way that causes […]

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Rise Up! With so much in this world that tries to hold us down, how can we respond to God’s call to “rise up on eagle’s wings?” Today we lift our eyes to the skies as we “rise up” from our hardships and heartaches. And we honor the mothers of our world and our lives!

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An Uprising of Stewardship This Sunday finds us together, with both congregations worshipping and sharing Communion at St. Peter’s UMC. For our focus, we will be looking at “An Uprising of Stewardship”, and how Paul’s vision of sharing and blessed community was much more than just an economic matter. As we share, he teaches us, we build God’s kingdom

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An Uprising of Partnership An Uprising of Fellowship- Fellowship is one of those churchy words that seems pretty light and fluffy. But when we join Paul and Silas as they sit in prison, we discover that true fellowship can be a powerful and liberative force in the world. What does being in fellowship mean for us here today? 

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An Uprising of Worship An Uprising of Worship- this week we ask the question, “What does it mean to worship?” Is it coming to church on Sunday to sing and hear some preaching, or is it an attitude or a way of life? In Paul’s letter to the Colossians, he reminds the followers of Jesus that we worship

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