Making It Real

Making It Real Today we encounter a reading that challenges us to “make it real.” Make what real? Well, our faith and following of Jesus. More specifically, we are asked to live out our faith in a way that changes lives and transforms the world. That is our mission, right?  So how do we make it …

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Jesus and Hell

Jesus and Hell This week in worship we encounter of the few times that Jesus talks about hell. Interestingly, as he talks about the afterlife Jesus points us towards asking questions about how we are living our lives right now. Are we concerned with justice? Do we think about the lives of our neighbors? Are …

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Jesus and the Multitudes

Jesus and the Multitudes We are made for belonging. Without it, we suffer and withdraw from who God has created us to be. As a congregation, how can we foster a sense of belonging and create a true community for ourselves and others?

Jesus Is Our Teacher

Jesus Is Our Teacher How was Jesus our teacher? We will explore and review the many and specific ways Jesus shared his teachings. This is an opportunity to remember how Jesus influenced so many people’s lives. How does this affect us today? What can we learn? Diana Wilson, Lay Servant Speaker

Adolescent Jesus

Adolescent Jesus The first Sunday of the new year finds our two cooperative congregations worshipping together at St. Peter’s UMC (insert address please) at 11:15am. This service, including Holy Communion, will be led by Rev. Elizabeth Schindler. This will be a great service and a great way to begin the new year!